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Poll: Surface Phone the most popular name. Mobile & Note at 2nd & 3rd. Readers also suggest other interesting names


We conducted a poll (below) to find out the most preferred name for the ultimate mobile device that Microsoft is working upon. We provided some most heard/rumored options like Surface Phone, Surface Mobile, Surface Mobile, Surface Note and Surface Courier.

Poll results so far show that 36% respondents still prefer the Surface Phone name. Surface Mobile name is the second most favorite after Surface Phone with around 27% of votes. Surface Note takes third place with 21% of votes.

Readers also suggested some interesting names of their own. Take a look at few of them below.

Surface Exell
Surface Lite
Loch Ness Monster
surface pocket
Surface Pocket
Surface Slate
Microsoft Touch
surface ultimate mobile
Da Thang
Surface Fold


Microsoft is working on what it considers the ultimate mobile device. Fans have been calling it Surface Phone since long but Surface Mobile and even Surface Note names have seen many takers lately.

Surface Phone is the name that signifies Surface device family extension into phones, while Surface Mobile assumes it to be a mobile device that can work like a phone too. Surface Note name brings note-taking and Pen/inking capability in focus. So take the poll and tell us which name you would prefer for the ultimate mobile device from Microsoft that may be targeted at 2018.

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We recently reported about some features/specs/UI design details about Surface Phone/Mobile in our exclusive report. We also shared about how the Surface Mobile will be different from the earlier leaked Microsoft Courier concept.

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