Power Automate

Microsoft has released a total of 16 new connectors to Power Automate.

Apptigent PowerTools LITE 

“Apptigent PowerTools adds powerful, easy-to-use capabilities to every flow. From converting currencies to redacting sensitive information, manipulating collections, calculating mathematical equations, and transforming dates across global time zones, PowerTools puts advanced productivity tools into the hands of every user. No complex formulas, intricate expressions or custom code – just point and click simplicity that enables your entire organization to solve everyday business problems faster and with less effort.”

Visit the Apptigent PowerTools LITE documentation to learn more.


“BillsPls is an AI-based receipts processing bot that can smartly extract all necessary attributes from millions of receipts in no time. Built on the IN-D AI engine, the extraction accuracy is higher than most of the leading products and helps you process receipts submitted for reimbursements hassle-free. Additionally, when on the go, the BillsPls mobile app can be used to source receipts from employees.”

Visit the BillsPls documentation to learn more.

Cloudmersive File Processing 

“The Cloudmersive File Processing service was designed to makes it easy to work with files. It helps to compress, decompress, encrypt, and decrypt files, including into the popular Zip file format. It also helps you work with text, detecting and changing encodings, and performing useful editing operations. Finally, you can add encryption and password protection to any file-based flow, with support for multiple Enterprise-grade encryption algorithms.”

Visit the Cloudmersive File Processing documentation to learn more.

DataScope Forms 

“DataScope Forms is a mobile solution to automate your operation. Collect data offline, manage field teams, auto-generate PDF documents and reports, and use the connector to trigger off form responses. You can turn all your paper forms into smart mobile forms and boost your operation with robust and personalized dashboards.”

Visit the DataScope Forms documentation to learn more.


“With the FORCAM FORCE Bridge connector, manufacturing companies can use the ecosystem to build automated workflows with little or no programming effort. For example, if a tool is broken, immediate help can be triggered via a Trello ticket, and simultaneously support teams are invited to a Microsoft Teams meeting. This enables the help request to immediately involve the right people. Also, teams can retrieve and compare KPIs, such as the OEE. The connector backbone is the IIoT platform solution FORCAM FORCE, which generates a uniform production data model from factory to finance, contains out-of-the-box MES Apps and enables free composition and collaboration of all systems needed through open web interfaces.”

Visit the FORCAM FORCE Bridge documentation to learn more.


“GetMyInvoices is a central invoice management software for your company. The solution automatically retrieves invoices and other documents from thousands of sources. With the GetMyInvoices connector, you can select to automate different actions as soon as a new document is available in GetMyInvoices. For example, you can create a row in Microsoft Excel when you are making an expenses overview in table format. Or you can send a message in a Slack channel if you want to inform its participants about a new document being available. You can even create a Trello card with details from the new document in GetMyInvoices.”

Visit the GetMyInvoices documentation to learn more.

Gravity Forms by reenhanced 

“The Gravity Forms by reenhanced connector allows you to trigger your flows with data when a form is submitted on any Gravity Forms enabled website. Just like you’re used to with Gravity Forms, metadata such as IP address and User Agent is submitted so you can utilize advanced logic and power interesting workflows. This connector utilizes a plugin on the WordPress site which will need to be installed and configured before your submissions will appear.”

Visit the Gravity Forms by reenhanced documentation to learn more.

LINK Mobility 

“SMS is a great communication channel for reaching customers and prospects wherever they may be. With the LINK Mobility connector you can easily set up text messages for marketing, newsletters, service info, and more! The connector also supports WhatsApp messages, Google Verified SMS, and messages via other OTT channels, providing you a wide-ranging list of options to choose from.”

Visit the LINK Mobility documentation to learn more.


“MeetingRoomMap is a SaaS solution to help companies visually show locations. Your own floorplans/images can be uploaded, and locations easily mapped to these by simple point and click. MeetingRoomMap integrates with Azure AD, allowing existing meetings rooms and people in your AD to easily be mapped. Additionally, you can define custom locations (e.g. printers, first aid kits, etc.) and map these as well. Mapped locations can be searched and displayed in the existing add-ins and web options for Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. This connector allows you to write your own customized search and display solutions based on your mapped locations.”

Visit the MeetingRoomMap documentation to learn more.

Notiivy Browser Notifications 

“Notiivy aims to reduce email fatigue and increase productivity within organizations by replacing day-to-day email notifications and alerts with call to action browser notifications. Recent studies show that users spend up to 13 hours per week and as much as 30% of their time reading and responding to emails. By using browser notifications, organizations can create and send rich, configurable alerts which persist outside of Microsoft Outlook within the Windows desktop and the Windows notifications bar allowing users to focus on and respond to notifications more effectively. The Notiivy Browser Notifications connector will enable browser notifications to be sent on any trigger within the multitude of connectors on Power Automate.”

Visit the Notiivy Browser Notifications documentation to learn more.

PDF Blocks 

“PDF Blocks brings document-processing capabilities to your flows and applications. It can watermark, add or remove passwords, merge PDF documents, extract, remove, and rotate pages in PDF documents, and much more. Documents are protected with enterprise-grade encryption and processed in SOC-3-compliant servers in multiple, highly available data centers around the world.”

Visit the PDF Blocks documentation to learn more.


“Poka is a connected worker application built for manufacturers. With Poka, factory workers are empowered to learn continuously, solve problems, and share knowledge in real-time, directly from their workstations. The Poka connector automates communication, content, and data workflows between the production floor and the rest of the organization resulting in better visibility, standardization, and efficiency.”

Visit the Poka documentation to learn more.

Recorded Future 

“Recorded Future’s integration with Microsoft Azure provides a framework for receiving Recorded Future intelligence programmatically within Azure services like Sentinel, Defender APT, AD, and Power BI. Enabled via a certified connector leveraged in the Power Platform, Recorded Future data achieves use cases such as alert triage to reduce time to verdict, threat detection to proactively identify threats based on external intelligence, and threat prevention to proactively block threats seen across the Microsoft environment.”

Visit the Recorded Future documentation to learn more.


“Ticketing.events enables event organizers to issue QR code e-tickets and manage many aspects of their events such as ticket sales, ticket validation, and event & attendee management. The Ticketing.events connector enables the automation of the issuance of e-tickets from workflows where attendee data can be captured such as Microsoft Forms, Excel Online, Google Sheets, and even emails!”

Visit the Ticketing.events documentation to learn more.

Ventipix Asset and Inventory 

“Ventipix Asset and Inventory Manager enables organizations to track and manage assets or inventory using smartphones, simply by scanning barcodes or NFC tags, and capturing corresponding data. With the new Ventipix Asset and Inventory connector, you can automate how asset or inventory data is added to your account from sources such as Excel Online, Google Sheets, and more.”

Visit the Vintipix Asset and Inventory documentation to learn more.

Zanran Scaffolder 

“The Zanran Scaffolder connector automatically extracts data tables & text blocks from reports and unstructured documents (PDFs and JPEGs) into Excel or XML for further value-add processing in RPA workflows. The connector works for English and any other European language and needs no manual intervention, pre-defined templates, or any training or configuration. It is built for an automation environment to process millions of files.”

Visit the Zanran Scaffolder documentation to learn more.