PowerToys Windows

Microsoft has released an update for the PowerToys app which fixes a number of critical bugs across the installer, PowerToys Run, FancyZones and ColorPicker.

Version 0.20.1 is now available for download.

FancyZones had a bug in it which then crashed our hosting app (we refer to as Runner), then that caused us to find a few bugs in PowerToys Run that happen when Runner crashes.

Official Changelog

  • #5400 – PT Run doesn’t dispose properly and disposed object trying to be accessed
  • #5555 – ColorPicker trying to always reload a bad settings file
  • #5540 – FancyZones tries to drag an elevated window
  • #5484 – Installer gets stuck installing .NET Core

You can freshly download the app from GitHub or simply update it by going to General tab, under Updates. Click on Check for updates.

Source: Twitter