We earlier reported some news about Microsoft’s new project named as Project Centennial, but there were no noticeable apps in Microsoft store as part of this project. But now an app is available on Microsoft store named as Centennial Office Test1. It has been published by Project Centennial.  This app looks like the ported app of Microsoft Office Win32 apps. However it is currently only available for Windows 10 powered PC only , not for mobile. The size of the app is around 950 MB , so it does not look like a fake app. Anyway, this is a good news for Windows lovers.


Microsoft introduced technical previews of Windows 10 Mobile and official Windows 10 for PCs last year. But Finally Microsoft realized that Windows platform is dying because of app gap, so they introduced some new projects which can definitely make Windows 10 mobile a cool operating system.

Download this app from below attached link.

Centennial Office Test1
Centennial Office Test1

Thanks Dt Bhattacharjee for the tip 🙂