Microsoft recently released a new optional update KB4532695 for Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909. This update while fixes many issues including File explorer and Start Menu issues, is also causing a number of new issues.

We already reported many issues related to sound, BSOD, slow system boot and performance caused by this update. But wait there are more. Many windows 10 Desktop users have also reported update KB4532695 causing Wi-Fi and battery charging issues. Some have even reported an issue causing restart from standby and an installation error 0x800f0988.

An user has reported that pdate KB4532695 botched his Wi-Fi connection and he needed to roll-back this update to fix his internet connectivity. Since it is an optional update one can simply uninstall and wait for the next Patch Tuesday update.

Another user reported the issue of random restarts from standby. These restarts stopped when the user uninstalled this update. One user even reported botched battery charging post installation of this update.

Surprisingly many users even reported the installation failure error 0x800f0988.

Another WIndows update that doesn’t install, surprise, surprise. Yes I tried WIndows Update Troubleshooter, and it didn’t work, and frankly has never fixed an Update problem. I tried downloading it manually and installing it, and still no luck. It’s not causing a problem it just drives me nuts when an update won’t install, and might leave me vulnerable. I’m running Windows 10 Home – Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363. Version 10.0.18363.592 according to Ver CMD. Let me guess the next step is to boot in Safe Mode? Sorry to be snarky, just frustrated.