Roamit is an app that brings functionality similar to Continue on PC or allows roaming between Windows 10 PC/Mobile and Android devices. Using Roamit you can continue reading web pages on your devices and share pictures and files between your devices using the local Wi-Fi network. Roamit gets integrated into the share menu, so you can send any data from your apps to your other devices.

The good news is that the developer of this app has made it completely free and open source. Announcing this good news on Reddit, the dev has mentioned that upgrade button and other limitations will be removed completely with an update in future.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I’ve made Roamit completely free and open source in celebration of new year.

You can tap Upgrade button to remove limitations, the price for In-App-Purchase is 0$. (I’ll remove the upgrade button and limitations completely in an update for the app soon)

Also, both Windows 10 and Android versions of the app are now open source, and the code is available here on my Github.

You can download and install the Roamit app by clicking on the link below,

Developer: Mahdi Ghiasi
Price: Free