Skype now features character emoticons from recently released film Solo, which is a space western film based on the Star Wars character Han Solo, produced by Lucasfilm. Skype partnered with StarWars to release emoticons, which are exclusive to Skype as of now. Skype today on Twitter announced their partnership with StarWars.

Microsoft has always been in the centre of criticism for not understanding the potential of chat messenger market. Some even say that WhatsApp could not even exist today if Microsoft were a bit aware of the possible impact Skype can make in future. Skype has its market share which is better bing but it is way lesser than WhatsApp to put things into perspective.

This news is great from a various angle as a lot of Microsoft fans were considering Skype as a dead platform at least in the consumer space. One cannot fully reject the assumption as Microsoft were incredibly slow in making Skype a meaningful WhatsApp competitor in the consumer world. Today’s news is a ray of hope for those fans.

Microsoft could not make Skype viable consumer product because it lacked certain features which were readily available in competitors’ platform. At least the company is now focusing on things that are more consumer friendly which is more than a good news.