If you have got a friend who speaks Japanese and you cannot, invite him/her to Skype and blur the line of language to get close. Skype users around the world will now be able to make real-time voice and video calls in Japanese, in addition to the nine other spoken languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, Russian, and over 60 IM languages.
Skype for Windows 10

The announcement came alongside the launch of Japanese speech translation support on Microsoft Translator service.

Abe Romero, who is a Skype user living and working in Japan, shares a few words with the Skype team:

Being a small city, Kanazawa did not have many English speakers so certain tasks, from ordering food to communicating with work colleges could get really complicated due to the language barrier. I loved the experience and made a lot of local friends, but it would have been amazing to have a reliable translation tool to communicate clearly off the bat.

I’m really excited Skype Translator is expanding to include Japanese. It will be an easy and efficient way to keep up with all the friends I made in Kanazawa over the past year.

To try out Japanese or any of the other Skype Translator supported languages, simply click on the globe icon on the Skype Windows Desktop or the Skype Translator button on the Skype Preview app on Windows 10 and start chatting.


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