One of the most popular messaging apps for workplace and enterprise, Slack is now getting a new update.

The latest update to Slack is being pushed for variants of Slack on desktop OS. It comes to devices with Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux. With this update, the company has introduced Dark Mode for the Slack app on these 3 different platforms.

The company explains reasons and use cases of Dark mode which says that some people need it because they work in the night or in low light, some use it for accessibility purpose, visual disorders or some other use cases. To get this update, you need to update to the latest version 4.0.2 for Windows and Linux. It also comes with app version 4.0.3 for Mac OS.

In order to get the Dark mode active, you need to go to left sidebar > Preferences > Themes in your Slack app on Windows, Mac OS or even Linux. The company has added some new themes specially designed to work with the Dark mode.