Microsoft while announcing didn’t reveal much about the Surface Duo and many important details about the device which is essnetially the mythical Surface Phone running Android are still unknown. One of the important aspect that many wanted to know about is the camera in Surface Duo.

Smartphone Cameras are the go-to cameras nowadays and manufacturers compete to outdo each other in proving their new flagship smartphone as the new imaging champ even if they need to pay for it. Anyways, recently Microsoft CPO Panos Panay acknowedged the importance of a good camera on Surface Duo at a Surface event in Berlin.

He also claimed that Surface Duo will feature a world-class camera and Microsoft didn’t demo Surface Duo camera so far because he didn’t want to let competitors know all the details.

While that sounds good, the imaging team behind some great Lumia smartphone cameras has already left Microsoft long time back. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft can manage in terms of world-class camera on the Surface Duo.

We reported in past many Microsoft patents for Foldable devices that may hint at the kind of camera setup Surface Duo can feature.