We just reported about a 3dmark score screenshot of a probable Surface Laptop 3 variant with AMD Ryzen 5 Surface edition processor. Now, we were able to find a Geekbench listing of Surface Laptop 3 with AMD Ryzen 5 3550U processor.

As one can notice in the screenshot above the Surface Laptop 3 variant is named as “OEMMO OEMMO Product Name EV2_1”, which is in line with the typical way of naming it’s under testing prototypes by Microsoft.

The Geekbench entry further reveals 16GB RAM and the quad-core processor. Coming to the clocking rates, the base frequency is 2.1 GHz while the maximum possible frequency is indicated at 3.69 GHz. What is also interesting is that the processor is codenamed “Raven Ridge”, which is AMD’s name for its series of processors based on Zen CPU and Vega GPU.

Raven Ridge is codename for AMD series of mainstream mobile and desktop APUs based on the Zen CPU and Vega GPU microarchitectures succeeding Bristol Ridge. Raven Ridge processors are fabricated on GlobalFoundries 14 nm process and incorporate four cores.

An earlier rumor claimed so that an AMD processor named “Picasso” will power a variant of Surface Laptop 3. The Picasso processor was supposed to be a custom-made 12nm processor.

The latest rumors claimed to have seen entries in distributor databases for Surface Laptop 3 15-inch model with AMD processors. So, it now seems really powerful configurations with up to 32GB RAM will be on offer for Surface Laptop 3.

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