In last week there have been few important revelations about the upcoming Microsoft’s Surface Mobile/Phone Andromeda device. Let us take a look at these and discuss in comments.

Surface Phone/Mobile 3D renders, OLED display & modified USB type C revealed:

The latest Microsoft patent featuring the Foldable mobile device looks like the most important one as it showcases a design nearly finalized for the market. There are 3D renders, mention about OLED display, elaborate description of a modified USB Type C and more.

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Apps Hub for Surface Phone/Mobile Andromeda device:

This one is quite interesting as Microsoft seems to be preparing the eco-system to support the launch of its Andromeda aka Surface Mobile device. This leak of “Apps Hub for Andromeda” shows that Microsoft is curating Apps collections for the upcoming Surface Phone.

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Our updated exclusive Surface Mobile (Andromeda) features/Specs list:

We have updated it with few tidbits and we will keep it updated as we come to know more about Surface Mobile. Better bookmark it.

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