Surface Pro 2017

Microsoft has officially announced an event on May 23 in Shanghai (China) and inferring from the tweet of Panos Panay, it seems to do something with Surface. Now, since we earlier reported about Surface Pro 5 passing certification it China, one could have expected Surface Pro 5 launch on May 23.

In an interview later, Panos Panay mysteriously teased about Surface Pro Next, downplaying the “Surface Pro 5” name. He also amply hinted at upcoming Surface Pro Next as being a mere refresh of Surface Pro 4 with no major hardware changes.

Now a new leak claims that successor to Surface Pro 4 will be indeed be known as just “Surface Pro”. Images also show that the design largely remains the same. This leak also claims that Surface Pro will indeed be the “Surface Pro 4 Refresh” rather than a true upgrade.

While it may sound bit disappointing, we can expect what Panos Panay referred as experiential changes, like “big strides in battery life or dropping the weight significantly”. We earlier opined about why this refresh strategy of Microsoft may prove to be counter-productive.

Check the leaked Surface Pro which we will now refer to as “Surface Pro (2017)” image gallery below,

Source: VB