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Microsoft hiring for Windows Core OS (Onecore & GameCore) powering new hardware form-factors

We have been reporting about Windows Core Os, OneCore, Andromeda a lot in last few months. Windows Core OS is the ultimate OS unification dream of Microsoft that will be the base OS shared...

Appearances of Andromeda SKU (Surface Phone) in recent build codes give hope to fans

We last reported via our sources that while Surface Phone aka Surface Andromeda hardware is in ready stage, software readiness remains a big question. But if recent appearances of the Windows Core OS Andromeda...

Windows “Andromeda” for Surface Phone/Andromeda device gets defined in Build 17095 SDK. Getting there?

We know that Andromeda OS is the mobile composable shell + modular Windows Core OS that will power foldable dual-screen Surface Phone/Surface Andromeda device. Now, the Windows version “Andromeda” has been defined in the latest released Windows...

Report: Surface Phone/Andromeda device may run Win32 apps ultimately, thanks to Polaris

It has been a matter of intense speculation among fans whether the crazily awaited Surface Phone aka Microsoft Andromeda device will be able to run classical Win32 apps. Many find it to be a...

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