We know that Andromeda OS is the mobile composable shell + modular Windows Core OS that will power foldable dual-screen Surface Phone/Surface Andromeda device. Now, the Windows version “Andromeda” has been defined in the latest released Windows 10 SDK 17095.

Check the screenshot embedded in the tweet below that shows the Windows Andromeda version defined in the SDK 17095.

We have been reporting about evidences of Andromeda’s existence from the Windows 10 code earlier too. We recently shared via our sources that hardware for Surface Phone/Surface Andromeda devices is ready but software readiness is the big question.

Does the Windows Andromeda getting defined in the SDK hint at sooner unveil of Andromeda OS and subsequently sooner launch of the Surface Phone/Andromeda device? That will be clear only going ahead but another tip from our retails sources has claimed that Microsoft has been talking to its channel partners about a new category of Surface devices.

Surface Phone/Andromeda device Features, Specs, UI & other details:

You can read our exclusive coverage of Surface Phone/Mobile top features/specs/UI design, photos & other details here. We posted some evidence that shows that Microsoft is already working to curate Apps collections for the Surface Phone/Mobile.

A recent job opening has revealed that Microsoft may be working on a 1st-party hardware (Surface device/phone) powered by just announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

We had exclusively reported that 2018 may see Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) & Windows mobile devices from top vendors too. In a recent poll, our readers selected Surface Phone as the most appealing name for the ultimate mobile device from Microsoft. Surface Mobile and Note names came at 2nd and 3rd rank.