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Twitter app Windows 10

Twitter to introduce “Customize your view” UI in their PWA

Twitter is testing a new User Interface, which will let users change the look of the web app easily. As first spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the new UI will replace the dark...

Twitter PWA adds support for Emojis in the DM section with the latest update

Twitter has updated its web app Twitter PWA on the Microsoft store. The new update brings lots of fixes and improvements and a new feature. With the latest update, you can now send real emojis in...

Twitter PWA on Windows 10 updated with emoji picker and more

A new update hit the Twitter PWA app on Windows 10. The update brings new features and performance improvements. Speaking of new features, the Twitter PWA on Windows 10 now has an emoji picker...

Twitter PWA updated with ‘add/remove list feature on profiles’ on Windows 10

Twitter has updated with a new feature which enables users to add/remove list feature on profiles on Windows 10. Those who are still rocking Windows 10 mobile can also take advantage of the feature....

Twitter on Windows 10 can now take full advantage of the ‘Timeline’ feature

Twitter and Timeline have one thing in common. Twitter had been done from the scratch only to make it a full-fledged Progressive Web App and 'Timeline' had made a name for itself in the...

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