Twitter has updated its web app Twitter PWA on the Microsoft store. The new update brings lots of fixes and improvements and a new feature. With the latest update, you can now send real emojis in the Twitter DM section.

Now this being a server-side update all you need to do is just open and close the app and then re-open it to get the update. Otherwise, you can read the official changelog below.


  • Direct messages (widescreen only): Emoji Picker is now available when you’re writing a DM on your computer or tablet! Click on the emoji icon to open it and express yourself


  • Images: we are more intelligent about which image to display in the timeline based on the pixel density of the person’s screen. The result is a faster experience on newer phones with a high pixel density.
  • Image Cropper: we have adapted the zoom behavior when adjusting a loaded image. It seems a lot more natural now.
  • Accessibility: the way a screen reader identified the emoji icon that opens the emoji picker was vaguely labeled (‘Button’). The label has been improved and its purpose is now very clear (‘Add Emoji’).


  • Internationalization: solved the order of social proof phrases (for example “@Twitter Retweeted”) in languages that read from right to left.
  • Stability: adjusted the charging logic of the app to prevent the endless reloads that some people were experiencing.
  • Scrolling: a hidden bug that allowed pull-to-refresh to work in places it should not have. Pull-to-refresh is again correctly contained.
  • Direct messages: when sharing a tweet via DM, the message text box was not automatically focused, which made it necessary to add a message to add a message. Attention should be automatic now.

Do you prefer Twitter PWA over What’s your daily driver? Let us know in the comments section below.