Twitter and Timeline have one thing in common. Twitter had been done from the scratch only to make it a full-fledged Progressive Web App and ‘Timeline’ had made a name for itself in the Windows 10 version 1803(April Update) in the same time frame. The funny part is the Twitter app never really took advantage of the feature.

The social media giant is finally enabling the progressive web app to get along with ‘Timeline’ to make the Twitter experience more Windows 10 like. Besides the support for ‘Timeline’ the update brings a lot of changes to the app. Below is the list of the changes in the latest Twitter PWA:

  • Windows: Links to from Edge will now open in the app.
  • Windows: Viewing live events or moments will add an entry to your Windows Timeline so you can easily return later to see updates
  • Improved content and descriptions for screen readers, including adding waypoints to get to additional Twitter content on desktop.
  • Videos can now be attached to tweets (limit 15MB)
  • Users of screen readers should now be able to navigate to areas of the page beside the main timelines more easily.
  • Search results now highlight the query that was matched in each result

Like most of the other updates of Twitter PWA, it does not require you download the update from the store, all you need to do is just open the app, close it and then reopen it.