Telegram Desktop

Telegram app has received an update on Windows 10. The update comes with new features and number of fixes.

Aside from taking the app to v1.5, the update fixes scaling issues, meaning you can now enjoy the Telegram interface in a large screen monitor. Moreover, you have a new setting called ‘Count unread messages’.

You can read the full official changelog below.

  • Support for custom languages. Crowdsource a cloud-based language pack for Telegram in any language using our Translations platform – then apply it in real time.
  • Interface scaling for large screens, up to 300% (up to 150% for macOS retina screens).
  • ‘Count unread messages’ setting for the Badge counter in Settings > Notifications. Disable to show number of unread chats.
  • Video messages displayed in shared media (under voice messages).
  • Updated emoji. Farewell to question marks!
  • Listen to voice and video messages in 2X mode if you’re in a hurry.
  • Add a comment when sharing posts from channels.
  • View all photos and videos in Twitter and Instagram link previews.
  • Add emoji to media captions.

Download/update the app from here.