Newton Mail, a popular premium email client app decided to press a pause button on further development of the service last year. The CEO and Founder Rohit Nadhani blamed software giants like Microsoft and Google for the downfall and added that there was simply no market for premium services like Newton Mail.

Well, that was last year. And now the company is making a return to the industry after being acquired by a company called Essential. It is the exact same company that built Essential Phones.

The app has already made a return to Google Play store, iOS App Store and Microsoft store. This, in turn, means that you can now go to the store of the aforementioned platforms and hit the install button to see the mail app in action. Interestingly, we are yet to hear anything official from the CEO. However, the developers are excited about the re-birth and went to add the following on their release note.

We are thrilled to be back. If you still have your Newton account, just log in using your Newton username and password.

Newton Mail app cost $49.99/year. You can also sign-up for a 14-day trial after which you need to opt-in for the paid model to continue with the mail app. Download the app from here.