Twitter PWA on Windows 10 has been updated with a new feature. Named as Tweetstorm, the feature simply allows users to tweet in succession.

As you can see you have the + sign in the right corner below the rectangular box. By clicking on it you can add more tweets in a succession. The feature is quite helpful for creating tweets that tend to exceed the word limit albeit you can create a complete thread without the help of Tweetstorm feature but often times the succession of tweets gets interrupted by your followers.

As with most of the Twitter PWA updates, you don’t need to go to the store to install the update. What you need to do is open the Twitter PWA and close and then reopen it- Tweetstorm is here for you!

Please note that Microsoft added support for the progressive app with the Windows 10 April Update which in turn mean if you are on any build lower than 1803(April Update) you simply can’t get the update.