Last year Uber Technologies Inc. pulled support for the Microsoft Store(Windows Store) version of its popular peer to peer ridesharing app, Uber. Back then the company did not the give us any detailed explanation behind the discontinuation. Now finally after these months, the company is back again to serve the Windows customers, not with UWP but this time with a Progressive Web App.

The app does have all the functionality as compared to its iOS and Android counterpart. As it is not a native experience it does not have all the customizations right from the day one that is there in Android or iOS. Now speaking of customization and all Twitter have done a great job with the Twitter PWA with all the customizations are there and ooh it also supports a dark mode.

The app can be downloaded on all the Windows 10 devices including Hub, Hololense, and mobile devices. Please note that Uber app on Windows Store never really disappear from the Store, the app just refused to function properly. Just like Twitter which relaunches as a PWA with the arrival of Windows 10 April update(version 1803). Uber also followed the same path but came late to the party. Anyways, it is a great news for Windows users.

Download the Uber app from here.