Modern Combat 5: Blackout game has received a new update for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. The latest update version is The latest update brings many new features such as 2 NEW Armors , Fully customizable color scheme for all Prestige Weapons and more.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Changelog:

Prestige Weapons Camo Customization
Chose your favorite color scheme and leave your mark on the battlefield in style! All prestige weapons now have a fully customizable color pattern!
Dress to kill! New Advanced suit for the Morph Class!
Kitsune has been especially designed to improve on the Morph’s assassin playstyle. Those wearing it will benefit from a higher melee assassination range, improved overheating values on modular weapons and a significantly stronger shield!
New Tournament Suit!
A special Suit will be up for grabs in Special Events! Stay Tuned!
Balance changes and fixes
Morph Class
· Updated class sounds.
· New effect for Shield.
· New effect when Overload triggers.
· Tuned melee animations.
· Slightly increase Morph Buff values from Assault Rifles, SMG, Experimental & Rocket Launchers.
O.L.I -> Slight Damage Increase
MN-KROM -> Slight Damage Increase
B.A.S.U. -> Slight damage increase
L.A.K -> Fixed a bug braking the lock if the players strafe and shoot.
Shoulder Gun -> Moderate Rate of Fire decrease.
The Firecracker:
· Reload animation significantly improved.
· Added 5 more bullets per clip
The Judgement:
· Reload speed significantly increased
The Seeker:
· Decreased cost from 50 to 40 Scrap
· Explosive damage consistently increased.
· New Frontal Shield effect(when scoping).
· Max ammo increased from 400 to 800.
· Slight Damage Increase
· Clip size increased by 3.
· Moderate lock timer decrease.
· Slight Range Increase

You can download the updated game from the given link below.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout
Modern Combat 5: Blackout
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free