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Video may have revealed Modular Windows Core OS UI, File explorer & other apps design already


The Windows Core OS (WCOS) just appeared in yet another Geekbench listing and we now hear that Microsoft may be planning to unveil the modular OS in 2021. Windows Core OS is supposed to power all kind of devices including traditional PC, Notebooks to foldable devices and even the future mixed reality devices.

Panos Panay recently posted the celebration video for 1 Billion Windows 10 activation. In this video he not only teased the major UI and other changes coming to Windows 10 with probably the Version 2103/2104 update,  but he may have also provided the bigget hint at how Windows Core OS UI will look like.

Some recent leaks had revealed that Microsoft may be planning to separate the Windows Core OS and Features experience for various versions of the Windows CoreOS. We then saw how Windows 10X will also have a similar features experience pack especially meant for it.

We can also note how both Windows 10X and the Windows 10 desktop UI teased in Panos video have similarity in UI concepts with emphasis on an  visually unified UI without Live Tiles in both Light and Dark modes.

So, as our sources indicate, Microsoft may have already provided a glimpse at the WCOS desktop SKU in the video. We can expect the Windows Core OS to be announced officially in late 2020 with a release in 2021.

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