Moliplayer NPU

With consistent developer support, MoliPlayer Pro is fast emerging as one of the must have apps on your Windows Phone. It started its claim to fame as an all-format video player but with every update it is adding some cooler features. The latest update brings with it ability to download videos from major sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others.

Check the list in the above screenshot. We tried video download from YouTube and it was pretty fast. Good thing is inclusion of a download manager for managing the video downloads. The app comes with try option and we highly recommend to try this app. Anyways, below are major changes in latest update.


1.[added] Playback and downloading of videos on the main-stream video websites.

2. [added] Download manager of internet videos.

3. [added] Pinch-zoom and pan of videos during playback (SW only).

4. [added] Selecting embedded subtitles during playback

5. [fixed] Slow loading issue

6. [fixed] Charset setting issue for subtitles of certain languages

7. [fixed] Crash after standby for certain time with screen locked

Update the application on your device if already installed or click on direct link below for installing it for the first time.

MoliPlayer link