WhatsApp Desktop

Updated:WhatsApp Desktop app now available for download from Microsoft Store

It looks like after iTunes, Spotify etc. announcement, WhatsApp also wants to join the league of Windows Store apps. WhatsApp has released their WhatsApp Desktop app in the Windows Store and it is now UWP, so you can just cut that thought, right away.

It is basically a desktop bridge port or Project Centennial app (like Telegram Desktop) with the added advantage of accessing 1000s of Windows APIs available on the Universal Windows Platform. As reported earlier, Windows 10 installs have crossed over 500 million with 300 million daily active users, so it kind of makes sense for WhatsApp to reach the rest of the potential users, and offer best possible experience.

What else? Well, with Windows Store app you get the advantage of app manageability like install/uninstall process, good stable regular updates and most of all, security with verified app downloads etc.. Although, the story does not end here but it is good enough to see WhatsApp’s effort.

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Find the app in the Windows Store below (not available for download yet!).

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free