WhatsApp recently replaced the old static status feature with the new Snapchat stories cloned ‘Status’ feature. To WhatsApp surprise, the company (owned by Facebook) received huge number of complaints with users demanding the return of the good old status feature they are pretty used to and liked it a lot.

Now, the company who has more than a billion users on the platform didn’t want to disappoint the users and is likely working on to bring the old feature back in the form of ‘about’.

The new feature can be found under the settings>profile , and very soon will make it to the mainstream client. (currently available on beta).

As you can see in the screen shots above, it is quite the same as it was previously with one minor difference being the heading renamed to ‘about’.

We hope there will be an update available for the public version in the coming days and it is to bring smiles on your face again.

Do let us know you thoughts in the comments below and by the way, as of this writing the current beta app version is 2.17.106 in case you are curious.