Windows 10 21H1 aka Windows 10 version 2103 is the next big feature update for Windows 10 targeted at April/May 2021. This update is also known as “Iron” update.

Now, it seems that Windows 10 21H1 will bring support for the next generation of Wi-Fi encryption. Windows enthusiast Tero Alhonen has posted a code string on Twitter that shows that Windows 10 Iron will support WPA3 Enterprise 192-bit encryption.

Currently Windows 10 2004 only supports WPA3-personal mode and not the WPA3 enterprise encryption. If you check the official document now it only mentions WPA3-personal mode.

As per the Wi-Fi alliance,

The 192-bit security mode offered by WPA3-Enterprise ensures the right combination of cryptographic tools are used and sets a consistent baseline of security within a WPA3 network.