Windows 10 Build 10061 is now available for Windows Insiders in Fast Ring and brings many new features and lots of fixes. Here we share our first impressions of the new build and capture some most visible and important changes in screenshots.

Build 10061 impressions:

  • After some hands-on time with the new build we can vouch for its improved stability over the last Build 10049
  • The black theme / colors, transparency and option to directly boot to Tablet mode makes the whole visual experience more streamlined for Metro lovers.
  • There are still some issues with the Store Beta and it crashes many times on trying to launch.
  • There is more customization on offer for desktop lovers too and they can resize the start menu too apart from Black Theme / Color on Taskbar options.
  • Overall the hands-on UI navigation experience on Build 10061 leaves us happier
  • Store Beta still has issues and crashes a lot
  • Start Menu sometimes disappears or doesn’t show up, but it does not happen too frequently
  • Photo app is more stable in this build
  • New Outlook Mail and Calendar apps offer better experience than what we have seen on Windows 10 for Phones Build 10052. The design of these apps though may not suite taste of Metro lovers.

Time for some screenshots capturing most important visible changes of the Build 1061. We will keep it updated as we find more changes.

Resizable Start Menu (Black Theme):

10061 resizable

Transparency and auto-color options:


Manual color selection:

10061 menu

Start Screen with manual color selection:

10061 colors

Tablet mode options:


Tablet Mode Black Theme:

10061 Tablet

Tablet Mode Action Center:

10061 tablet action

Desktop Mode Action Center (Black Theme):

10061 Desktop mode

Task View:



Windows Defender options: