Build RTM 10586

While our sources told us that Windows 10 Build 10586 is the TH2 RTM or public release build, now after installing the Build, it does look like the case. Here is why we think so,

  • The Insider Preview watermark is gone.
  • Insider Hub is gone an you have to install it via “Manage Optional Features”
  • You won’t be enrolled to Windows Insiders program after updating to Build 10586 that has been pushed by Microsoft yesterday. You will have to re-enroll to Insider program by tapping on “Start Insider Preview Builds”.

So, similar to what we saw in case of Build 10240  (the Windows 10 original release build), Build 10586 will install to all PCs without Insider features and Insiders will have option of either stopping at this build or continue getting further Preview Builds.

Microsoft is supposed to release Build 10586 on Patch Tuesday (November 10) for everyone.