Microsoft has finally decided to do away with the Fast Ring-Skip Ahead confusion starting with Build 19536 that it has just releaed. The Fast Ring now will keep getting “new features” to test for insiders. These features may or may not be the part of the upcoming Windows 10 feature update release.

We heard the feedback from Insiders in the Fast ring loud and clear that the way we were doing Skip Ahead was a little confusing and frustrating for those who didn’t get a chance to opt-in before the limit was reached. With the changes mentioned above, Insiders in the Fast ring will always receive builds with the freshest code from our engineers regardless of branching off for a specific release. Everyone in the Fast ring is always moving forward!

Microsoft further clarifies that insiders in Fast Ring will get builds directly from the active development branch. The new features being tested in Fast Ring will show up  in a feature update release when and if ready.

Moving forward, the Fast ring will receive builds directly from this active development branch and new features will show up in these builds first. While features in the active development branch may be slated for a future Windows 10 release, they are no longer matched to a specific Windows 10 release. This means that builds from the active development branch simply reflect the latest work in progress code from our engineers. New features and OS improvements done in this branch during these development cycles will show up in future Windows 10 releases when they are ready. And we may deliver these new features and OS improvements as full OS build updates or servicing releases.

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