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Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Version 1903 and 1909 security update KB4551762 following the Patch Tuesday update KB4540673. While the update KB4540673 was failing to install for some users it along with update KB4551762 is now causing even more issues, report users.

A user has reported high CPU usage after installation of KB4551762. Though he also has provided a workaround to fix this error.

After installing the March 12, 2020—KB4551762 you might encounter high CPU Usage if you have Hyper-V Services enabled, an Easy fix is to go to Apps & Setting and uninstall reboot then reinstall the features this will flush the store cache procedure for rapid execution of app launch / service launch.

NOTE: After Uninstalling and reinstall Hyper-V Features give it a few minutes to re-index in the system catalog & One more thing reboot once more if using App Guard Sandbox features, if not you will get an error.

Another user reports 100% disk usage issue after the KB4551762 update failed to install with error 0x800f080a.

2020-03 cumulative update for windows 10 version 1909 for x64-based systems (kb4551762).I tryed installing this update twice today and just get install error – 0x800f080a

i dunno what it means but ever since it failed my disk usage is 100% without dropping at all

One more user has reported about the update KB4551762 installation failure. As per the user even use of DISM is not able to fix this issue.

Windows 10 update fails error 0x800f0900, DISM can’t find files to fix corruption

I’m trying to update my installation of Windows 10 (was upgraded from Windows 7), but it is failing repeatedly.  I have gone through all the steps I could find to fix it.  Ran disk cleanup (including system files) and removed what it could.  I went to the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and deleted everything there.  Ran sfc and DISM a bunch of times.  But no change in the result.

Update KB4540673 also is causing slow startup and running of apps. It doesn’t get fixed even after uninstallation of the update.

I recently installed the KB4540673 update yesterday. My laptop was working fine for around 1 day but today, apps started crashing and it takes forever to open one. So, I thought it is because of the update because it is the only thing that was different for my pc, I did not install or modify anything else.

However, after I uninstalled the update, things are still as bad and maybe even worse.  For a start, everything still loads slowly. I restarted the pc again and I got an error message telling me they will find the error and restart the pc for me

It also causes network stack issue.

Hi there,

we are using 802.1x Network Auth with Computer AND User Auth. After logon, the machine changes to user auth and the switch changes to the user vlan. After installing KB4540673, we are having the Problem that the eth adapter does not request the new IP Adress after VLAN change.

After ipconfig /release /renew the adapter gets the right IP Adress. When removing the 2020-03 Cumulative Update KB4540673, the Problem is gone.

Even more user are reporting that update KB4540673 is failing to install. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge any of these issues and we will keep you updated.