Windows 10

Microsoft has an announcement to make and it is again about the Windows 10 October Update which gained all the limelight due to it being the trouble maker in the users’ workflow. The Redmond giant today confirms that they have started to roll out the Windows 10 October Update(Version 1809) on eligible PCs and the best part is that it is now completely hassle-free.

The company had to face a lot of criticism regarding the software roll-out but thankfully, the team accountable did respond quickly and within a month the issue got fixed. However, While it looked all fine for people testing the build at the Redmond campus, they were still skeptical about the full-fledged roll-out.

The dilemma later got fixed by them launching the update for advanced users only. Back then the users had to click on the check for updates to download and install the update. From today onwards if you keep your Windows Update settings as default you should get the Windows 10 October Update without having to check for updates.

As spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft has updated their support page only to buttress the claim. “We are now starting our phased rollout to users via Windows Update, initially offering the update to devices we believe will have the best update experience based on our next generation machine learning model,” Microsoft explains.

It should not bother you if you are already on the Windows 10 October Update, but if you are not and wanting to finally give it a shot then it is always advisable to get your back-up done before you click on ‘Restart Now’.