Windows 10 upgrade

Its being long time since Windows 10 updates released in public. Some months ago when Microsoft released Windows 10 aka Threshold, there were ongoing rumors about Windows Redstone which is expected to arrive next year in two waves same like Windows 10 TH1 and TH2 this year.

Few months ago the company already begun its developments of Windows Redstone. For those who are wondering Windows Redstone is the next major update for Windows 10, which is expected to bring lots features and improvements like better continuum support and much more.

Yesterday we reported that Windows 10 Redstone Build 11065 may be under testing as claimed by a Microsoft Employee. Today, buildfeed, which tracks builds passes through Microsoft Internal Ring reports that Redstone builds 10.0.11082.1000, 10.0.11078.1000 and 10.0.11073.1000 pased through Microsoft Internal Rings recently.

It seems that there may be many parallel builds in testing, so we can not confirm which build is heading to Insiders. However the company could release a Redstone build to Insiders in upcoming weeks.

Source: BuildFeed