Microsoft recently released monthly update KB5003173 to Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2. The update KB5003173 brings security improvements for many Windows components.

But the update is causing USB port, Outlook mail and performance issues for many users. It is also failing to install for some users. Outlook mail issue may be widespread as is clear from many threads created in official Microsoft forum by users.

Outlook mail issue:

Many users have reported facing Outlook mail issues after installing the update KB5003173. This is what one of the users has reported. Read similar user complaints by clicking here, here and here.

Outlook in Office 365 does not display downloaded POP3 messages

Kia ora,

Yesterday, my Outlook was working fine. Today, when I opened my email, which is downloaded from my ISP’s server via POP3, all I get is the message subject and the first line of the message. This applies also to all stored emails in my Outlook.pst folder. Can anyone help? Is this a problem with the most recent Office 365 update?


USB Port issue:

Users have reported facing issues with their USB ports after installing the update KB5003173. This is what one of the users has reported. 

USB port not being read after windows update


I just installed Windows 10 update Kb5003173 last night and booted my laptop up this morning. When the laptop boots, no power goes to my USB connected mouse and keyboard. After log-in, my mouse gets power(light on the underneath of the mouse). However the mouse is not being recognized by the computer, it does not move the cursor, both the keyboard and mouse aren’t being recognized in device manager.

I’ve tried updating the usb port via device manager, tried uninstalling and restarting the computer, tried booting in safe mode(the devices were still not recognized) .

Frankly I don’t want to reset windows because it takes time to reinstall everything from scratch, and is really annoying, so I would like to avoid that.

Fails to install, performance issue & audio error:

Two users have reported that the update fails to install while another user has reported performance issues after installing the update KB5003173. 

Huge performance drop on laptop after update KB5003173


After an overnight update which was KB5003173, my laptop is dramatically slow.
Navigating websites has slowed down dramatically, desktop apps are stuttering , laptop freezes sometimes even the startup is extremely slow. Games fall below 30 FPS. This behavior was not present until this update.

One user has reported that the update is messing audio and group policies.

KB5003173 update crashed audio and messed up group policies

Windows Update tried to install KB5003173 update and failed. Windows got into automatic repair and restarted again.  I did sfc /scannow and update is installed. But it killed audio and messed up group policies. I can rearrange group policies but I couldn’t fix audio. I tried trouble shooter and also reinstalling audio driver but it didn’t fix it. Also I realized windows didn’t create restore point. Do you have any suggestions?