Microsoft seems has enough of driver updates disrupting installation of Windows 10 security and feature updates and causing many critical issues including BSOD post installation. Consequently, it has come with a deferral recommendation for driver updates so that there is no adverse impact on Windows 10 update releases due to driver flighting.

Microsoft intends to separate and defer driver update release from OS update and security update releases. The drivers that will be deferred from Windows update release include both automatic and optional drivers.

To ensure we release quality drivers, reduce the risk of releasing drivers at the same time as OS changes and provide ecosystem partners a predictable driver release cadence; we are making the following changes for releasing drivers marked as needing “Microsoft Approval”. Today, this includes:

  • Flighted drivers: Drivers (Shipping Label) marked as Automatic = Critical Update (CU) or Dynamic Update (DU) or both
  • Optional driver classes which always go through Shiproom approval

Predictable driver release windows: During OS update release timeframes, we will defer releasing drivers needing “Microsoft Approval” to WU and will resume automatic publishing after the deferral window.

Going forward drivers can’t be released one day before and after the Monthly patch release. In case of feature updates the deferral period will be 2 days before and after the start of feature update roll-out.

  1. Monthly Quality Update “B” release: Driver needing “Microsoft Approval” will not be released one day before and for one day after monthly security “B” release.
Monday2nd Tuesday of each monthWednesday
1 day before“B” monthly security release day1 day after
  1. Feature update offer via Windows Update: Driver needing “Microsoft Approval” will not be released two days before and for two days after start of feature OS update rollout.
BeforeDay OfAfter
2 days beforeFeature OS Rollout2 days after

A. If there are known issues for feature update and driver compatibility, partners can request feature update offer block mitigation while a compatible driver update is being validated and posted to WU.

Driver updates will also be deferred over the weekends and holidays. You can read the update Microsoft document by clicking here.