Windows 10

Microsoft recently released the first Patch Tuesday update KB4557957 for Windows 10 Version 2004 aka May 2020 update. It also released the Patch Tuesday update KB4560960 (Builds 18363.900/18362.900) for Windows 10 version 1909/1903.

Now many users have complained in Microsoft’s official forum about facing various issues after trying to install or after installing updates KB4560960 & KB4557957. Users report that the updates fail to install, cause BSOD, Kernel, USB device errors, and issues in mouse, keyboard & printer. There are even more issues reported by other users.

Users have reported about facing dreaded BSOD after implementing the update KB4560960.

BSODs (KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE) caused by ntoskrnl.exe, wdiwifi.sys
Hey everyone, hope you can help me I’ve been having frequent BSODs after the May 2020 windows update failed installing

(Edit: 2020-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4560960) is also Install error – 0x800f0831)

Another user also reported critical Kernel errors after installing the update

Issue I have had with my computer now and also some of my customers and people we provide IT for.

My computer was fine until these three updates came out and after installing them it has happened 3 times:

Security update KB4561600 Adobe Flash Player W10 Version 1909 x64 2020-06

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 x64 KB4560960 2020-06

Update for Windows 10 version 1909 x64 KB4497165 2020-01 (This one is older not sure why it chose to install it today this could be the issue update).

Nothing new on the computer just these 3 updates worked fine ever since I used it. Just started happening TODAY.

One common issue that many users installing either of the updates are reporting is the printing issue.

KB4560960 causes printing issues, how to report
How can I report issues with a specific update?

KB4560960 caused the printer of my mom to no longer print. Took me a while to figure out over phone and remote support what was going on.

Remove security updates
Good afternoon

After updates kb4560366 and kb4557957 my print spooler stops when I order printing on the HP Designjet 510 24in Printer.

The printer already has the latest driver found on the HP website.

Update KB4560960 is failing to install for some of the users.

Windows update failed.
I started having issues with my Microsoft store installer where I’ll be downloading and update and it will last forever. The size of the download will get bigger every time it reaches the previous and no matter how long I let it go it will never finish. I found out there was a failed windows update that may be linked to the issue. I’ve tried many different suggested fixes with no avail.

Update KB4560960 is causing USB error for one of the users.

Cumulative updates caused USB device errors
Hi all,

So day before yesterday my laptop received a couple of cumulative updates KB4560960 and KB4561600 which I installed right away. Since the installation of both the updates I have also acknowledged some major problems.

NOTE: I have not received the May 2020 update as my laptop is not compatible.

1. My USB driver for 1 USB 2.0 has started malfunctioning as I can hear the connect and disconnect audio notification but the USB device is not recognized by the windows. Now I am laptop user and I carry a bunch of stuff with me at all the times and if the USB driver fails then it is a major issue for me

Update KB4557957 is also causing USB error for one of the users.

Logitech wireless USB mouse M185 and keyboard don’t work after Windows10 update
Hi, my wireless logitech mouse (M185) and keyboard (K270) do not work anymore after a massive Windows10 automatic update yesterday (KB4557957, 4552925, 4561600). It worked great before. Batteries, etc. are fine, I tried restart, tested dongle with different usb ports. Nothing works. Please could anyone from the windows team help? I need the mouse and keyboard to get on with my work…