Microsoft has fixed many Windows 10 version 2004 issues with the latest Patch Tuesday update KB4565503. It has subsequently removed the compatibility hold put on making version 2004 update available for many categories of PCs.

Due to removal of this compatibility hold, Windows 10 version 2004 is now available for more PCs including those impacted by availability of a “Thunderbolt dock”. Though users are reporting the update availability for even other PCs that don’t have “Thunderbolt dock”, but for which Windows 10 version 2004 was not available yet.

You need to go and check for the update availability in Windows update. If there are no other safeguard holds you should be able to download and install Windows 10 version 2004. You can read about the existing compatibility holds for version 2004 at the official page.

The version 2004 update is a major feature update and brings many new features, changes and improvements. You can read all the changes and new features that Windows 10 Version 2004 brings with itself by clicking here in our massive categorized changelog.