Windows 10

As per the latest statistics from Net Market Share, Windows 10 has touched 26.78% Desktop OS share in May 2017. This is up slightly from 26.28% OS share in April 2017. While this doesn’t mark a big jump month over month but Windows 10 is steadily gaining users and that reflects in growth from April to May.

But what takes one by surprise is that Windows 7 is gaining OS share at this stage. Blame it on corporates that still buy and force employees to use Windows 7 and are not really fast in adopting and updating to Windows 10. Windows 7 had 48.5% OS share in April 2017 while it has shown growth to 49.46% in May 2017.

So, if we compare Windows 7 has shown bigger growth than Windows 10 from April 2017 to May 2017. Time for Microosft to educate corporates for faster upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows XP has declined sharply from 7.0% in April 2017 to 5.66% in May 2017. Windows 8 has almost maintained its OS share.

Desktop OS share May 2017:


Desktop OS share April 2017:

Source: Net Market Share