Windows-9-Preview-Build-9834-1410712063-0-12Till now we have been treated with a series of Windows 9 leaks by WinFuture blog. After posting videos demoing new start menu, pining and unpinning of Live Tiles to start menu, multi-desktop and notification center in action, WinFuture has posted screenshots of two important Windows Phone 8.1 features making their way to Windows 9.

We are talking about storage sense and WiFi Sense here. You can read more about these features on our dedicated Windows Phone 8.1 page.

The screenshot shows that Storage Sense will allow saving of Music, Pictures and Video by default on external storage like MicroSD card and this may come very handy for upcoming budget Tablets with low storage.

Windows-9-Preview-Build-9834-1410712094-0-0The WiFi sense has been only seen in the registry entries, but packs similar features like it has on Windows Phone 8.1, like automatically connecting to WiFi hotspots and sharing of the same with contacts.