dataIt will certainly sound like music to ears of Microsoft and its fans. According to a research report from “Infoscout” both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 emerged as the top sold gaming consoles at both Walmart and Target leaving Sony’s challengers in dust. Both the Xbox consoles accounted for 61% of overall console sales.

As per the report,

Both Xbox consoles dominated sales on Friday, jointly accounting for 61% of the console market. Their success can be largely attributed to limited availability of the PS4 in addition to Walmart discounting the Xbox 360 down to $99 for Black Friday.

The report also mentions that consumer spending on console games surpassed spending on consoles themselves this Black Friday.

Gaming market share

Xbox One and Xbox 360 received some good exit buyers feedback as well,

Xbox One

“It’s the only system that has the game my kids want. I’m not happy about it.”

“Waiting to see the first ‘Must have game’”

Xbox 360

“I think its a great system, with the Kinect, the family can get up and move around”

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