Titanfall betaTitanfall, the big multi award-winning Game title will be released in March for Xbox One but you can pre-order it already. Now, great news is that the Beta registration is also available and you need to hurry for getting a seat.

This is how to register,

To register for the Titanfall Beta you must subscribe to the Titanfall newsletter.

Please select the platform you would like play on for the Titanfall Beta. Completing this registration does not guarantee access into the Titanfall Beta as seats are limited. If you have been selected you will be emailed directly by EA with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th.
Origin Account required for PC Beta.

PC   Xbox One



Another interesting news is Bing scoring over Google in introducing Bitcoin conversion. Bitcoin is really catching attention around the globe and may be next big thing in terms of monetary exchange medium. Bing may really benefit by introducing this real-time Bitcoin conversion rate before Google does so.

For years, you have been able to convert currencies in Bing. Whether you’re looking to compare dollars to pounds, euros to pesos or yuan to rupee, we’ve got over 50 currencies in our index that we’ll display following a few quick keystrokes.

As Bitcoin (the peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency) makes headlines and captures the world’s attention, we thought it was only natural to give you an easy way to track real-time fluctuations. Starting today, you will find instant Bitcoin conversions at the top of your Bing results.* How many Bitcoins do you need for that $71,000 Tesla?