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XAMARIN is now free for the first time with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2

Microsoft acquired XAMARIN on Feb 24, 2016. Xamarin is an IDE for creating native android and iOS apps with C# libraries. This is a very great news especially for the developers who were paying to use Xamarin and student developers which needed to create a student account for the same. Now

Build 2016: Windows 10 on 270 Mi, Redstone Anniversary update & other highlights

Build 2016 is on and here are some of the highlights from the Keynote address. Windows 10 is now running on 270 Million Devices. First Windows 10 Redstone update is being called Anniversary update and coming this summer. Didn't we tell you that. Soon, Windows Hello will be able to unlock devices, apps,

Project Murphy Site leaks just in time for Build 2016

  Microsoft seems has been working on a certain secretive "Project Murphy" about which it will reveal during Build 2016. You can watch Build 2016 live streaming by clicking here. The information about Project Murphy comes via leak of the Project Murphy dedicated site "" that is hosted off Azure at ""

Updated: Microsoft now makes Tay account Private & Tweets protected

Update 2: Microsoft has made Tay's Twitter account private all of a sudden. Now only confirmed followers would be able to see its Tweets and complete profile. Update: Seems the Chatbot Tay is back to what it does best, chatting with humans!! Original: Yesterday, we reported about Microsoft' experimental Chatbot Tay that mimics a Teenager's

Microsoft launches new dedicated Developers site

Just before the start of Build 2016 event, Microsoft has launched a new dedicated website for Developers. The Developer website can be accessed at "". As can be seen in the screenshot above it houses all the developer tools and information related to not only Windows but Azure, Visual studio and

Microsoft’s Project Madeira app seen in Windows 10 Store

A new app for Microsoft's yet officially unknown Project Madeira has been leaked on Twitter. As per the description it looks like it is Microsoft's latest business management solution that will enable users to manage sales, finances, billing, purchasing, and inventory all business functions without leaving Outlook. While the app

Halo Wars, Soul Calibur II & King of Fighters ’98 are now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility list

Halo Wars, Soul Calibur II and King of Fighters '98 are the three latest games from Microsoft that can be played on the Xbox One via its backwards compatibility feature. Halo Wars: This is a strategy game based on the legendary Halo® universe. Command entire armies of Spartans, Warthogs and more