Typoman has just arrived on Xbox One. The game is a 2D puzzle platformer and has been up for a pre-order in the Windows Store for a while.

In Typoman, you slip into the role of a character made of letters, struggling to make your way through a dark and hostile world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can craft words to alter your environment. Choose your words wisely. They can either be a blessing… or a curse!

Game Trailer

Typoman Game Features:

  • Wield the power of altering the world by by creating, changing or destroying words
  • Solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with a unique aesthetic mix of typography and pen & ink graphics
  • Captivating, carefully drafted, on-the-fly told story using witty word puzzles and puns
  • Surreal, atmospheric game world
  • Distinct soundtrack specifically composed for the game


Developer: Brainseed Factory
Price: $9.99