Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio console got an exclusive specs reveal earlier, leaving the entire gamer community awe-struck by its powerful specs and features. From improved texturing filtering to faster loading times, Scorpio is set to flatter your existing Xbox One and 360 library in many ways.

Project Scorpio is set to offer high fidelity 4K gaming at 60fps and why not, it is a beast in itself and blows off everything in its path. For Xbox One/S and Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft is planning to offer backward compatibility to all of the existing titles because Project Scorpio can handle games better which stutter @30fps or @60fps ensuring a smoother gameplay.

Well, here are five things you should look out for, when comparing your existing console against the monster, Project Scorpio.

  1. Scorpio will load Xbox One games faster: This is because of the extra 31% CPU boost, improved hard disk speed or memory bandwidth(50% wider than Xbox One) and faster cache memory. For back compat. games, it is win-win situation since Scorpio ships with more memory 8GB, compared to 5GB on Xbox One. So, the unused 3GB of memory will be used as an I/O cache, as planned by Microsoft.
  2. Project Scorpio will deliver and apply all of its CPU might to run your Xbox games for a smoother performance and near zero screen-tearing or torn-frames.
  3. Project Scorpio will use maximum possible resolution on dynamic titles. This means games that support running on higher resolutions like Gears of War 4, Halo 5 etc. (1080p@60fps) and change resolutions dynamically during gameplay, will be able to deliver such but can’t be boosted to 4K without the developer patch etc.
  4. Support for improved texture filtering on Project Scorpio. Andrew Gossen, who is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft, says :

    We built into the hardware the capability of overwriting all bilinear and all trilinear fetches to be anisotropic… And then we’ve dialled up the anisotropic all the way up to max. All of our titles by default when you’re running on Scorpio, they’ll be full anisotropic.

  5. Project Scorpio’s updated media block capture is capable of full 4K60 video encoding using HEVC, the new top end compression system. However, Game DVR will default to 1080p for backward compatibility games. For captures above 1080p, Microsoft is introducing a new feature by which you can capture frame by frame and let the machine select the best possible screenshot, without compromising clarity.

We will have more information as Microsoft is already gearing up for E3 event in June, this year.

Are you looking up for Scorpio, do let us know in the comments below.