Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that Bing becomes your dependable companion for upcoming 2016 summer games. So, Bing will not only provide with “Evens to watch” a schedule of the most exciting events of the 2016 Games throughout the day but will also predict the outcomes.

For the 2016 Summer Games, Bing is using Bing Predicts technology to provide a unique viewing schedule, called Events to Watch. Events to Watch is updated daily and suggests the most exciting events of the 2016 Games throughout the day, taking into account projected upsets, new world records, and the odds of a tight event, creating a schedule optimized around the must-watch moments.

Bing’s Events to Watch predictions just scratches the surface of how Bing is giving fans the resources to stay on top of Summer Games 2016. Check out Bing Predicts Daily, which will feature fun factoids and stories about various athletes and events. As the Games heat up, you can find predicted medal outcomes as well. Follow along to see whether Bing predicts your favorite athletes will win gold!

Cortana will join the fun too with summer games trivia. Here is how,

Test your knowledge of current and past summer athletes with Cortana! Coming later this week, you can simply say, “Hey Cortana, guess the summer games athlete.” Cortana will give you a clue and let you guess. Or, ask for a fact about the summer games and she’ll share trivia about the games and athletes. Easily stay on top of the headlines by adding Summer Games as a news topic in the News section of the Notebook. You can even get personalized recommendations on what to watch! Just say “Hey Cortana, tell me what summer games event I should watch” and Cortana will use Bing Predicts to pick an event for you.