Complete Anatomy

3D4Medical has just completed the port of its award-winning flagship product Complete Anatomy to Windows Store using the Windows Bridge for iOS.

The Windows Bridge for iOS, as many of you know, is an open-source environment for Objective-C that provides support for third party APIs. The Windows Bridge has been an important tool in 3D4Medical’s development team, and enabled the developers to bring high-resolution 3D models and smooth touch interface, that users were already familiar with to the world of Windows PC and Surface users.

Complete Anatomy Features:

  • – 3D Male Model (Female scheduled late 2017)
  • – 12 Complete Systems (Skeletal, Muscular, Connective Tissue, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, Integumentary, and includes Heart and Brain)
  • – Skeletal Full Body Layers: Featuring bone parts, bone surfaces and muscle origin/insertion points.
  • – Isolate Region: Easily view selected Body Regions.
  • – Lectures: Learn from top anatomical experts using expertly assembled Lectures, with topics for beginners through to specialists.
  • – Groups (Cloud Sharing): Create your own groups and invite users to join, or access content created by our medical experts. Share with your groups, publicly or within specialized categories.
  • – Animate Muscles: Visualize muscle movements for each articulation directly on the 3D model – view from any angle/zoom in.
  • – Muscle Innervation: Visualize the nerve supply to any muscle, and follow its path back to the nerve origin.
  • – Cut & Draw Tools: Instantly alter the model with innovative tools: Cut, Spurs, 3D & 2D Pens, Growths, Fractures, Discover and Pain.
  • – Recordings: Record your interactions with the model, along with audio, to recap on later or share with friends.
  • – Screens: Browse through our tailored content or feature content you’ve created. Share publicly or with groups.
  • – Annotation: Do a sketch, or handwrite a note, type some text, attach an image or take a photo, then overlay on the model.
  • – Quizzes: Challenge yourself with our preset questions and quizzes, create your own to revise or challenge your friends!
  • – Multi-select: Select multiple structures with our capture tool/view in isolation.
  • – Explode/Assemble: Capture multiple structures and explode to better understand complex relationships.
  • – Tailored Content: Browse hundreds of screens, recordings and quizzes created by leading universities, professors and experts from different therapeutic areas.

Version number:

Initial release on Windows 10. Recent new features and model enhancements include:

  • Arterial Supply to Muscles: See the arteries that supply any muscle with the touch of a button, and trace these arteries back to the heart.
  • Edit Audio in Recordings: Hiccup during your Recording? No problem, re-record sections of your Recording’s audio.
  • Fast-forward Recordings: Jump straight to the section of the Recording that you need.
  • Ratings: Get useful information about how others in the community have rated Screens, Quizzes, Recordings and Lectures, then rate them yourself!
  • Alternative Names: Now use our smart search to find any structure, whether you search the official name, common alternative name or classic eponymous name. Also reveal a structure’s alternative names, where present, in the title area of its Info panel.
  • Lymphatics: a variant of lymphatic classification entirely unique to 3D4Medical can be seen in the abdomen and thigh.
  • Heart: We’re excited for you to experience our brand new, completely remodelled heart; more detailed and anatomically accurate than ever before! Explore three layers of pericardium, with new cuts and windows for better visualization of the intricate details of each chamber.
  • Arterial System: Levels for arteries have been revised and expanded upon to reflect study difficulty level and branching patterns.
  • Muscular System: Reorganised and regrouped in line with anatomical literature.

Download Complete Anatomy for Windows PC using the link below.

Complete Anatomy 2024
Complete Anatomy 2024
Developer: 3D4Medical
Price: Free