We just heard the rumor claiming that Microsoft may bring holographic display on Surface Phone aka Surface Mobile. The source behind this claim has however not revealed much about what to expect from this holographic display. “It seems it will be able to project holograms” is the only information provided.

Now, Microsoft has a patent in its name on “Floating image display”. What is interesting is that the patent also talks about floating display image created with two or more displays as the imaging source.

A display device, comprising:

an image source including two or more displays that cooperatively form a stitched display image including a plurality of encoded regions of encoded image light; and
a Fourier transform array positioned to receive the encoded image light and output decoded image light that forms a floating image viewable from a plurality of different vantage points, wherein from a first vantage point decoded image light forming a portion of the floating image originates from a first encoded region, and wherein from a second vantage point decoded image light forming the portion originates from a second encoded region, different than the first encoded region.
Check some of the drawings below from the patent. Interestingly one of the images has “Microsoft ASG” in it which means Microsoft Applied sciences group described as “The Applied Sciences Group (ASG) is an applied research and development team dedicated to creating the next generation of computer interaction “.

Microsoft is working on a foldable mobile device form-factor with a tipped release targeted at 2018. Surface Phone is long rumored to feature a foldable design and we have seen these designs leaking in many patents.

We also exclusively reported that 2018 may see Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) & Windows mobile devices from top vendors too. We still believe this is the case and Microsoft is in touch with its top Windows vendors for the next “refresh” of Windows in Mobile.