Focused Inbox

Microsoft is introducing the Focused Inbox feature for Gmail accounts. The feature has been available for a while for all accounts inside Mail & Calendar app for Windows 10. The new Focused Inbox feature helps you to stay on top of what matters most to you by dividing the Inbox into two sections — Focussed and Other.

The service automatically decides what mail should land in Focused or Other sections, as it keep a track of whom you email the most and how often. You can also fine tune the experience, by manually right clicking an email and use the “Move to Focused” or “Move to Other” options.

Along the lines, Microsoft is also enabling the ability to keep track of a time sensitive events such as travel reservations and package delivery details from your emails to your calendar. The feature is ON by default and helps you to quickly get reminders for travel reservations and package delivery details, check in for flights or change hotels, rental car reservations and more.

In order to light up all the above perks, you should be a part of the Windows Insider program, and should permit to sync a copy of your email, calendar and contacts to the Microsoft Cloud. Also, Microsoft is planning for a gradual roll out of the feature and eventually you as an Insider will be able to spot it in the Mail & Calendar app, in the coming weeks. You will get a prompt something like this:

Your favorite features are now available for your Google account!

If you are an Insider, make sure you have the latest update of Mail & Calendar app.

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Mail and Calendar