Interop Tools

Interop Tools has been updated to v2.0. This is a new major release and not a beta of Interop Tools.

Here is what to expect from Interop 2.0 when it becomes available in the Windows Store.

First let’s start with what this release is supposed to have at the end:

  • App extensibility (will allow third party devs to use Interop Tools APIs to get access to the registry for example if the users allows it via a permission system.
  • Provider extensions, developers will be able to write their own providers as extensions for Interop Tools.
  • Easier installation and management of updates.
  • Blur (because why not).
  • A release on the Store.
  • Project Rome support for easier remote access.
  • File browser support
  • A better tweaks section
  • Lumia x50 unlock process
  • And some other stuff I can’t reveal yet

Currently implemented features in this preview of Interop Tools 2.0 are:

  • Registry Provider extensions
  • Power state Provider extensions
  • Blur
  • Store release

The app is currently available to all Windows 10 platforms starting today. For more information on the implementation on the tool, hit the source link below.

Interop Tools (Preview)
Interop Tools (Preview)
Developer: IT Dev Team
Price: Free